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2016 Mileage Club
Overall Winners
Female Top 3
1st Carolyn Schmidt 138K / 85.7M
2nd Janet Hortin 73K / 45.3M
3rd Sara Kelsey
70K / 43.5M
Male Top 3
1st Pete Orth
135K / 83.8M
2nd David Montgomery
84K / 52.2M
3rd Cao Pham
68K / 39.8M





2017 Mileage CLUB

The 2017 To The Finish,LLC Mileage CLUB is a club to reward your race participation one mile at a time.  This mileage club is for all levels of runners and walkers.  This club is totally FREE!  This club rewards you for crossing the finish line, it is not related to finish time or place.  Miles are obtained by participating in races timed by To The Finish, LLC. Please visit our race calendar to see the races we time (most are within the tristate area.  We timed a total of 75 races in 2015 and 65 races in 2014). 

Requirements:  No signup is necessary!  Anytime  it is timed by "To The Finish, LLC", participants will automatically be added to the club.  After a participant has finished two races, he or she will be listed on the mileage club page.  The mileage club page breaks down standings and mileage.  Any questions regarding this page, please email us.

Award Levels:  The award levels are as follows: 25K, 50K, 75K  
At each level you will receive a glass mug to comemorate the accomplishment. Additionally you will receive a second prize for each level.
level= reward
25K =Steel Water Bottle

50K = Stone Drink Coasters
75K = Running Singlet

After reaching each level, you will be contacted to get your award nearby at Ulitmate Fit store or pick it up at the next race.  At the end of the year, we will award prizes as follows below from our generous sponsor, Ultimate Fit.
All first and second place winners get a personalized 25oz mug with their completed miles and name on the mug!
1st place male - $50 gift card to Ultimate Fit
1st place female - $50 gift card to Ultimate Fit
2nd place male - $25
gift card to Ultimate Fit
2nd place female - $25 gift card to Ultimate Fit
3rd place male - $25 gift card to Ultimate Fit
3rd place female - $25 gift card to Ultimate Fit

Examples how to get to the Award Levels: 

5 races that are 5K each = 25K, 25K Mileage Club
10 races that are 5K each = 50K, 50K Mileage Club
15 races that are 5K each = 75K, 75K Mileage Club
20 races that are 5K each = 100K, 100K Mileage Club




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